Implant Dentures: The Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

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Your smile should be a feature that not only ensures you look your best, but one that improves your quality of life, too. When you need cosmetic dentistry, you'll typically have a few options for treatment to restore the look, feel, and overall durability of your bite. While traditional dentures used to be one of the few methods available for more complex needs—large numbers of missing, compromised, or broken teeth, for example—now you can opt for a modern solution: implant-supported dentures.

With this procedure, one of our periodontists fits a few implants directly to the jawbone, as opposed to relying on adhesive to secure the dentures. This long-lasting solution provides a more reliable fit and durable wear. It also ensures that, in most cases, there are fewer checkups or adjustments over time compared to traditional dentures.

Fit and Feel

Traditional dentures rely on third-party products like creams and dissolving films for a proper fit. Depending on the product(s) to achieve this, you'll be left with messy "overflow" to clean up. There is also residue to clean out of the denture itself. You may potentially feel discomfort if the denture shifts or comes free while chewing or talking. Implant-supported dentures, however, always remain in place because they're anchored to your implants—no other products required. This saves you both hassle and money over time.


Because implant-supported dentures connect rather than adhere and there is no shifting or slipping, this prevents weak points or stress points in the denture itself. This design, in turn, allows you to enjoy many years of reliable use from your dentures. High-quality materials and multiple anchor points within the mouth help evenly distribute pressure for comfort, as well.

Implant abutments are permanent. Unlike adhesive products, you can't lose or misplace the implants, and kids or pets can't damage them. This is a particular relief when traveling.

Bone Health

Implants actually help preserve the health and structure of your jawbone. When teeth are missing or removed as part of the preparation for a denture, the body begins to reabsorb the jawbone. This happens because the teeth are not there to stimulate bone growth. Over time, there is a noticeable "sunken" appearance to the face, and a weakening in the bone itself. Because abutments for implant dentures are titanium, and grafts directly to the bone, it actually helps preserve facial shape.

Ease of Use

While dentures of any sort require maintenance, implant-supported dentures are easier to manage. You'll need to keep your abutments clean, but overall an implant-supported denture requires far less daily upkeep than traditional dentures.

Natural Look

One of the biggest concerns with traditional dentures is an "unnatural" look. With implants supporting the fit of your dentures, you don't need to worry about wiggling or shifting. You can relax about your dentures not showing during work meetings, presentations, and other important events.

Implant-Supported Dentures at Baton Rouge Perio

Getting dentures or upgrading the ones you have is an important step in preserving the health of your mouth. If you find yourself worrying about the way your dentures look, consider a permanent solution: implant-supported dentures. You don't need to juggle difficult, sticky creams or ill-fitting teeth. There's a better way, and all it takes is a quick, easy phone call to Baton Rouge Perio.

Our team at Baton Rouge Perio is ready to discuss the next steps with you, including what you can expect during and after treatment. We'll also discuss all the ways our staff can support you as we work on your new smile together. Call or schedule an appointment today.

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