Gum Disease Treatment: Treating Different Stages of Gum Disease

A recent study has shown that nearly half of adults have gum disease, which is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. There are different stages of gum disease. There are treatments available to help prevent the condition from worsening to the stage where drastic intervention is needed. Learn more about the treatment options […]

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Loose Teeth Treatment: What You Need To Know

Your teeth are an important aspect of your overall health and your looks in general. You want to have a smile you feel confident about and aren’t shy to show off. Therefore, it’s essential that you take care of your mouth and teeth and notice and take action when there’s an issue, such as loose […]

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What to Do About a Loose Tooth as an Adult

As a child, a loose tooth can be a cause for celebration thanks to a visit from the tooth fairy. But when you experience a loose tooth as an adult, it can be a cause for concern. The first thing you need to do is not to panic. There is help available to you from […]

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The Difference Between Implant Dentures And Implant Overdentures

Periodontist holding a model of dentures with an implant to attach the dental prosthesis. If you need replacements for lost teeth, implant dentures and implant overdentures could be two possibilities worth considering. This article explores the key differences between the two treatment options as well as the benefits they provide over traditional dentures. In the …

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Bleeding Gums Treatment and Prevention

What causes bleeding gums? Bleeding gums can be a sign that you’re brushing your teeth too firmly, but in many cases, spotting blood when you brush is a sign of gum disease. There are two types of gum disease: gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease. If gingivitis is left untreated, […]

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Dental Implants: Everything You Need to Know About Tooth Implant Treatments

Around 178 million Americans are missing at least 1 tooth. Not only can a missing tooth have an impact on your self-esteem, but it can make daily activities such as eating and speaking difficult. If you have missing teeth, then you might be wondering what dental options there are to rectify the situation. For instance, […]

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