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To our patient family,

We hope you and your families are feeling strong and smiling safe!  We have reviewed countless scientific papers and reports regarding the COVID-19 virus. Our practice has always emphasized safe dentistry. Now we’ve taken additional steps, to continue to keep you safe in our office and during treatment.

Since the news and developments regarding COVID-19 are changing very rapidly, this is an admittedly imperfect message that can and will be updated as often as necessary to keep you, our valued patients, up to date. Ultimately, please know that we are committed to serving you at the highest levels possible, through any circumstances. We are also fully committed to minimizing risks to you, our excellent dental team members, as well as all our families and surrounding circles.

Dentistry is Essential

Contrary to the initial designation of dental offices as “non-essential,” dentistry is absolutely “essential” to maintaining your overall health. Research clearly shows that patients become more susceptible to systemic disease in the presence of compromised oral health. For example, if you have active periodontal disease, your immune system becomes compromised.

As such, we believe that it is not unreasonable to protect against the possibility that you might be more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus if you neglect your oral health.

We are committed to keeping you safe.

While no one can eliminate the risk of disease transmission, we are taking additional precautions to reduce your risk.

Here is what we are doing to protect you:

  • We are allowing more time for each dental appointment to prevent appointment overlaps. This gives our team time to clean and disinfect the office.
  • A pre-visit health screening of all patients is now in place to protect both you and our staff.
  • When you arrive, please remain in your car and call to check-in. You will be promptly greeted, screened, and escorted to the treatment area, bypassing the waiting room for your safety.
  • We have instituted a no-companion policy for the time being, with rare, case-by-case exceptions. If you have a special requirement for a companion during your appointment, please advise us in advance so we can work out a solution that keeps everyone safe.
  • We require all patients to wear a mask or bandana into and out of our office. We can provide this to you if you do not have one to bring.
  • Patients entering and exiting the office will also have their temperature taken and be given hand sanitizer to use, before our staff provides a “no-touch” escort to the operatory.
  • Pre- and post-treatment antiseptic rinsing has been added as an extra sanitary measure.

Please minimize the use of our office restrooms.

  • Ideally, use your home facilities before arrival. While you are always welcome to use our facilities, and we will carefully disinfect them after each use, we recognize that all community areas pose higher risks and should be avoided when possible.

Our intensive disinfecting procedures

Fortunately, the COVID-19 virus is easy to kill with an approved surface disinfectant. All of our counters and surfaces will be completely wiped off and disinfected before and after each patient and at the start and end of every day. All door handles, and frequent touch surfaces are being disinfected frequently and scrupulously.

When our reception area reopens, you’ll notice that the majority of familiar signs and countertop items have been removed. This allows us to conduct efficient and effective surface and countertop disinfection early in the morning, mid-day, and at the day’s end.

To keep you safe, we have also removed our magazines (as they are difficult to disinfect). Please feel free to bring personal reading materials or listen to your favorite media on your mobile device. Please wipe your mobile device off with our provided sanitizer before you go back to a treatment room.

Safety partitions

The new partitions at our reception counter help protect you and our administrative team by enforcing social distancing.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

All members of the clinical team are wearing face shields, head coverings, masks, gloves, and gowns. These protective measures keep all of us safer while providing or receiving dental treatment.

Schedule your next appointment today

It is now time to return for your much needed dental care, which you can receive with confidence in our safer-than-ever environment. If you are due for your periodontal therapy or have another need for treatment, please call for an appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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