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Sedation Options

It is no secret that for many, visiting the dentist creates high levels of anxiety. If we were on the set of the old game show, The Family Feud, and the question was, “name someone with whom you visit that creates great stress”, the number one survey response would likely be “the dentist”. We understand this and are dedicated to making all your visits to our office a pain free and positive experience. Kindness, compassion and a gentle touch go a long way toward accomplishing this goal, however, those who need extra help have multiple options from which to choose.


We offer three different forms of sedation for those who require special help:

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is one option. Taking an appropriately prescribed pill prior to your visit can take the edge off and make the treatment provided pass quickly and comfortably.

Nitrous Oxide

For those who need short-term anxiety relief, Nitrous Oxide is an option. Nitrous is an inhaled medication. It is a gas that is breathed through specialized hoses and provides nearly immediate relaxation. After the procedures have been completed, the gas is removed and its effects quickly reverse with no lingering side effects.

IV Sedation

Finally, IV sedation is also offered. This method provides the most effective means of controlling high levels of anxiety. Administered conservatively and its effects carefully monitored, this method of sedation is both safe and extremely effective.


Be certain to ask us about which sedation option, if any, is right for you.