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Periodontal Care


We provide a variety of services for the treatment of periodontal issues. Only periodontists like Dr. Herman and Dr. Markle can perform certain periodontal treatments such as tooth scaling and root planing, LANAP laser therapy, grafts, or oral surgery if necessary. You may be coming to us at the recommendation of your general dentist after he or she finds evidence that you have developed gum disease. Or, you may have been experiencing symptoms like red or swollen gums, bleeding when brushing or flossing, persistent bad breath, loose teeth, sensitive teeth, pain when chewing or biting, or receding gums. 

As periodontal disease progresses, pockets of degenerated tissue and bone develop in the jaw. The pockets allow bacteria to multiply and spread the infection. When you come to us for periodontal care, we will begin by considering conservative and non-invasive options to eliminate these pockets and treat the infection. Sometimes the infected gum tissue is trimmed away, or a laser is used to clean the pockets to promote healing.

When you come to us for periodontal treatment, we will begin by considering the least invasive treatments before we recommend surgery. Even in severe cases, non-surgical periodontal therapy often precedes surgical therapy. We will work with you to find the solution needed to restore your oral health.

Periodontal Care



After Dr. Markle or Dr. Herman have completed the active phase of periodontal treatment, your periodontal disease will be under control. They will provide you with a personalized maintenance program of care to keep your gums healthy.

Maintenance therapy is an ongoing program designed to prevent disease in the gum tissues and bone supporting your teeth. Adherence to a program of conscientious home oral care and regularly scheduled maintenance therapy visits with your dentist and Drs. Markle or Herman will give you an excellent chance of keeping your teeth for your lifetime.


- discussion of any changes in your health history

- examination of your mouth tissues for abnormal changes

- measurement of the depth of pockets around your teeth

- assessment of your oral hygiene habits and provision of instruction

- removal of bacterial plaque and tartar

- x-ray film studies to evaluate your teeth and the bone supporting your teeth

- examination of your teeth for decay and other dental problems

- checkup on the way your teeth fit together when you bite

- application or prescription of medications to reduce tooth sensitivity or other problems you may have


Your dentist and Drs. Markle or Herman work together as a team to provide you with the best possible care. They combine their experience to formulate the best maintenance plan for you. They keep each other informed about your progress. Although a periodontist may see you periodically for maintenance therapy, you will need to see your general dentist as well. Appointments for periodontal maintenance do not replace regular dental checkups. If your doctor detects tooth decay during a maintenance visit, you will be referred to your general dentist for treatment. Your general dentist is primarily responsible for your overall dental health, including such dental needs as filling new or recurrent cavities or making changes in fillings, crowns or bridges.

To prevent periodontal disease, the major cause of tooth loss in adults—and keep your natural teeth for your lifetime—carefully and conscientiously follow the guidelines of the maintenance program that Drs. Markle or Herman recommends. Protecting your periodontal health through preventive maintenance has great benefits for you. You will be able to chew with more comfort, and you will be able to smile and speak with greater confidence. You will be able to keep dental costs down by preventing future problems. Your commitment to maintenance therapy is your commitment to your better oral health.