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Are you unhappy with the appearance of your smile because of missing permanent teeth? If so, you don’t have to live with unsightly gaps, as dental implants at Baton Rouge Periodontics & Implants in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, can correct the problem. Jenny Herman, DDS, Barry Biner, DDS, and their skilled staff, offer implants that fill in the gaps to perfect your beautiful smile. Call us to learn more about your options, or request an appointment online today.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are metal tooth roots that anchor artificial teeth, such as dentures, crowns, and bridges. The implants replace missing or extracted permanent teeth to make your smile function and look its best. Baton Rouge Periodontics & Implants uses the latest advances in dental implant technology and procedures to provide outstanding results.

What are the different types of dental implants?

The main dental implants available at Baton Rouge Periodontics & Implants include:

Endosteal implants

Endosteal dental implants are common. They’re titanium and shaped like small screws. Your dental provider inserts them into your jawbone. They protrude through your gums to serve as a foundation for new artificial teeth. You may need a tooth extraction or bone grafting before receiving endosteal implants.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Some of the benefits you can take advantage of after receiving dental implants at Baton Rouge Periodontics & Implants include:

  • Natural-looking teeth
  • Improved face shape
  • No tooth gaps
  • Better facial symmetry
  • Beautiful smile
  • Durable artificial teeth
  • Easier chewing 
  • Clearer speech
  • Less adjacent teeth shifting

Dental implants can perfect a gapped smile, providing long-lasting results you feel confident about.

Are dental implants right for me?

To find out if dental implants are the right treatment for you and which are best, your Baton Rouge Periodontics & Implants specialist examines your teeth and gums, reviews the results of your dental X-rays, and discusses your desired results. They also ask about your oral health history before tailoring a treatment best suited to your needs.

What happens when receiving dental implants?

During dental implant placement, your Baton Rouge Periodontics & Implants specialist numbs the treatment area and offers you a sedative, if needed, to help you relax.

They gently insert dental implant posts into, on, or above your jawbone. You might receive your new teeth, including crowns, bridges, or dentures, the same day as implant placement or after a period of healing.

What should I expect after dental implant placement?

After receiving the dental implant restoration, you can enjoy your beautiful new smile. When cared for properly, dental implants may last 25 years or longer. It’s important to brush your teeth after meals, floss every day, and avoid chewing on hard objects. See your dentist at least every six months for dental exams and cleanings.

To learn more about dental implants at Baton Rouge Periodontics & Implants, call the office or request an appointment online today.